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Date: July 19, 2014.

Introduction was created to provide a safe and creative environment for users to learn and share. Keeping these intention in mind, all users must agree to the following:

(i) You are at least 13 years of age.
(ii) You will promote the safety of our environment.
(iii) You will tell the truth when using
(iv) You will conduct yourself appropriately and not violate any US laws.
(v) You will report any suspicious activity to, local law enforcement authorities, and your parents or guardians.

Additional Rules

(1) You will not share contact information via We advise you to not share personal information such as age, race, sex, full name, address, email address, and workplace. All personal information is shared at your own risk.
(2) You will be respectful and considerate when sharing your stories.
(3) You will think hard and present only your best thoughts.
(4) You will post text for communication purposes only. You will not post any other content such as code, images, or videos.
(5) You will immediately report any concerns with user content or unauthorized content to
(6) You will not be involved in an attempt to hack into our servers or inappropriately alter the content at
(7) You will not use bots to access or create user data and you will not hold us legally responsible for those who unjustly use bots to collect user data.
(8) You will only share content if you have permission from the content's copyright owner. We expect proper citation for permitted work that is not your own.
(9) We retain the right to display your stories. The user retains all other rights associated with their content. It is the user's responsibility to contact if they wish for their content to be deleted.
(10) We reserve the right to modify or delete your stories at any time without reason.

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