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excatholicseekingGod says:

I was born to a deeply catholic family. My grandfather was among the very first converts to Catholicism in my village in Imo, Nigeria. He converted to Catholicism as a young man and moved to England for college, where I guess he became even more deeply catholic. Following his return, he gained a lot of social prominence and influence and became responsible for the conversion of a lot of people in the village to catholicism. As a result of my grandfathers influence, the catholic faith became a central part of our family history.

  When I was six, I wanted to be a nun like two of my aunts; it made my mother happy because she also wanted to be a nun as a child. With my siblings I attended catholic schools; I was baptized, received the Eucharist and was confirmed in the Catholic Church. I was fooled by the holy mysticism of the Catholic Church. I thought the more mystical it felt, the holier it was! The rosary fascinated me, as did the numerous recited prayers, novenas and devotions to saints. All of these things I was to find out were not only unbiblical, but actually biblically damnable!

  When I turned eighteen, my childhood desire for the convent returned. I asked my father if instead of going to college, I could enter a convent. Thankfully, he told me I needed to get a degree first because he wanted me to be able to make a mature decision. Reluctantly, I agreed. Unable to get enough financial aid from the catholic girls college I applied; I started at my current school, a private college in the US. All this while, I was unaware that God was directing my steps exactly where He wanted me to go!

  Due to the high cost of international travel, it was agreed that I would stay with my Moms older sister in the US during holidays. This decision was made with some trepidation on my parents part, because this same aunt is the only of my grandfathers children to have ever left the Catholic Church. Because of this decision she had become estranged from my grandfather until a short time before his death. My mom told me to be careful in her house that I did not lose my faith. Catholicism is so important to my mom that she has warned me and my siblings repeatedly against marrying even non catholic Christians!

  I followed my aunt to church one day. There was a youth minister who God used to speak about the importance of the bible for salvation. While listening to him preach I became convicted by the Holy Spirit. I saw him afterwards and began to ask him a few questions the Lord laid in my heart to ask. He answered me with ample biblical proof to back up his claims! I finally decided read the Bible for myself, and began to discover the deception of the Catholic Church in replacing the all- sufficiency of Gods Word in the Bible with the foolishness of man- made doctrine. The gospel is not complicated! No rosaries, no devotions, no novenas, no sacraments, no penance (Jesus made the ultimate penance!) none of these man- made rules. The simplicity of the gospel as found in the Bible actually shocked me. I give God all the glory for opening my eyes because I am certain that if I had become a nun, I would have been eternally lost. There was a path the Catholic Church was leading me to and it wasnt to heaven! (Or to purgatory, which does not exist.)

  Its been a few weeks since my discovery to the glory of God, which is why I like to think of mine as an ongoing testimony! Since I have continued to read the Bible I have found such incredible peace and love and truth and joy and life in Jesus Christ. I honestly have not felt this way- ever! I hope to get baptized as soon as I can find a church to do so in. I also pray that God will use me to bring about the conversion of my entire family and anyone else trapped under the yoke of the Roman Catholic cult.

  God bless you, friend! :))



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