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ALB says:

When I was young, I attended the United Church of Canada (protestant and liberal) with my parents and grandparents. Sometime before I reached my teens, my parents stopped attending (so I did too), preferring to sleep in on Sundays. I continued to believe in God but didn't practice religion.

  In my mid-to-late teens, I started to get interested in Wicca. This caused me a lot of mental anguish and guilt. For a while, I started going back to church with my grandparents. Finally, I left the church and became Wiccan. I was never really a 'practising' Wiccan, and after a while I chose to call myself neo-pagan instead. I read a lot of books and websites, and my spiritual beliefs deepened and evolved. Besides Wicca, my beliefs have been heavily influenced over the past two decades or so by Kemetic Orthodoxy, Discordianism, Thelema, and science. I also considered myself agnostic for a while.

  Currently, I'm re-evaluating my relationship to Christianity. I believe in God, but I fully acknowledge that I could be wrong: I just struggle a lot more with life when I don't believe. I lean towards panentheism. I do not believe the Bible is meant to be taken literally (nearly everything Jesus said was in parable - doesn't that say something?). I do not believe in Heaven or Hell (I believe those are metaphors). I'm also struggling with the concept of free will (I lean toward believing we don't have it - Sam Harris seems to come closest to articulating what I believe).

  My spirituality is constantly growing, changing, evolving. It's a frustrating, interesting, sometimes distressing, and often fulfilling process.



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