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Mike says:

I want to glorify God with my actions. With every thought that I think and every decision I make, I want God to be there with me.

  I made a commitment and it will last till I die and afterwards. A commitment to believe in God and love God.

  How do I know that God exists? I know because He makes Himself known. In my chest, I feel Him. When I am troubled, He heals me. When I am weak, He strengthens me. When I look to Him, He guides me.

  I was raised to believe in God, but I developed in different ways. I unjustly sin, but I feel Him forgive me. I don't know how he always loves me. People are gross and ugly if you just see them run by all self consumed. But, if you stop and ask them how they are. If you ask them about the things they love and are passionate about, then you see that you love them and you see God.



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