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ClutchPunk says:

So it happened to me when I was still a Catholic but my mom relapsed and it sent me down a rabbit hole of !%* and I ended up leaving it because I just couldn't believe in a god that lets a whole bunch of !%* happen to good people.

  Then a few days later in my history class my teacher starts a topic on Lao Tzu and Taoism anyways it made sense to me and it made me curious so I started researching more and reading the Tao te ching. The thing that convinced me was we did an exercise in class where my teacher had us look at the clock on the wall and he told us to try and get the second hand to stop for a second or two, if you thought about trying to stop it then the hand would keep going but if you just looked at it calmly without intent you could get it to stop momentarily. I decided I would identify as a Taoist from then on.



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