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MisterBreeze says:

I was born in Scotland and raised Christian, still live here to this day. 18 years old, now an atheist and self-proclaimed humanist. I've always, always been interested in nature, how we work and how the world works around us which is why I'll be studying Animal Biology at University.

  It was really only until I started studying psychology a few years ago that I truly understood human nature and began to sympathise with people I never used to. Up until about 6 years ago I was naive like many people and thought that the death penalty was a fantastic way to deter criminals. I'm now completely 100% for love and respect of every being on this planet and 100% against any form of capital punishment.

  I firmly believe in reformation and oppose retribution. I see retribution as completely barbaric and unnecessary. As said before, studying psychology really taught me how people become what they are and how easy it is for people to be lead astray. How such a simple thing in childhood can lead to an altered view from the combined population.

  I believe fully in personal choice and firmly oppose something like circumcision regardless if it's for religious reasons. I'm "Pro-Choice" and believe in allowing a mother to terminate a pregnancy up until a certain point. I'm also deeply saddened that humanist attributes -- attributes that are present in a society without religion -- are firmly attached to religion, and people often forget they can be present without it. When people say "science and religion shouldn't mix" it makes me upset, because much of religion is actually just human understanding. Like what it means to be a part of this earth, or how to treat other people.

  On top of this though, I am completely for freedom of religion and beliefs. As long as those beliefs to not affect the lives of others in a negative way. Keep church and state separate and do not allow the teaching of religious believes as fact. Besides that, do anything that makes you happy and doesn't harm others.

  I can add more, but that's all I can really think about. I seriously recommend every person to look in to even a little psychology. I think it's one of the best ways to help people understand why people are the way they are.



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