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SergeantSwordfish says:

I was fed up with some bigoted Christians in my church that used the bible for hate, so I went on google and typed in "overview of all religions" and I read 60+ short essay-like paragraphs on 60+ modern and ancient religions. I told myself that the religion that made the most sense to me I would devote a week or two studying up on it. That night I picked up the Barns Noble Classic version of the Tao Te Ching and fell in love. I stayed up all night enjoying the short, poetic verses and clever analogies that were put forth in the Tao Te Ching. I now meditate on its passages and I can say I am a more kind and more conscious individual in every way imaginable (though I am far from perfect and am a very poor meditator :/). I love the idea of Wu Wei and the naturalistic and feminine forces of the universe the Tao proposes. Duality makes so much sense to me as well. After reading multiple translations, I really do like the Barns Noble version.



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