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  February 16th, 2015  


I was raised in a mixed race and mixed religious family. My mom's side are German Catholics and...

  January 3rd, 2015  


well my family have never really been yo religous oh wait they've never been religious at all. ...

  November 21st, 2014  


Here's a little taste. My Parent were both heroin addicts so my mom abandoned my 2 sisters and ...

  October 4th, 2014  


I want to glorify God with my actions. With every thought that I think and every decision I make, I...

  September 17th, 2014  


My nickname is a pseudonym. I was born into the Anglican Church of England and after periods of agn...

  September 15th, 2014  


When I was young, I attended the United Church of Canada (protestant and liberal) with my parents an...


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